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Web Filtering

Application Penetration Testing
Patch Management

Malicious or hacked websites form a primary vector for initiating attacks, triggered downloads of malware, spyware, or risky content.

Our web filtering software lets you manage the Internet experience on and off your network with acceptable use or compliance policies, putting you in control.

Using a combination of machine learning and human quality assurance we can deliver faster categorisation than any other service whist ensuring content is categorised correctly and made available.

Many web gateways and firewalls allow administrators to create blacklists where all URLs or web destinations are allowed (default allow) other than those in the blacklist. Alternatively all URLs are blocked (default block) other than those in a whitelist. This was potentially manageable and useful in the early days of the Internet, but today with literally billions of URLs the task of maintaining lists is near-on impossible. Category filtering ensures constant successful filtering in todays constantly growing internet environment.