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Service Availability Monitoring

File Integrity Monitoring
Passive Network Monitoring

In a competitive business landscape where 24*7 operations is mandatory, high availability of network and services has become a critical factor of concern for enterprises of all sizes.

Any downtime of systems, networks or applications will translate into a huge revenue loss for the business. Industry experts say that typical network availability must reach 99.999%.

Real Security provides comprehensive network uptime monitoring to ensure that all your network devices, services are up and running 24*7 continuously. Our software provides real-time views of availability statistics, as well as detailed monitoring and analysis of data from switches, routers, servers and any other SNMP-enabled devices.

Service Availability Monitoring also performs a critical task of monitoring your website for availability and performance around the clock. It monitors HTTP/ HTTPS URLs, Intranet sites, web server farms, web applications with a login, NTML authenticated websites and many more.