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File Integrity Monitoring

Network and Host IDS
Service Availability Monitoring

Monitoring your files and systems provides valuable insight into your technical environment and provides an additional layer of data security.

File integrity monitoring (FIM) is a service that can monitor any changes made to your files. FIM is highly customizable - manage how and what kind of alerts you receive, and choose which folders and files you want to monitor.

Our FIM Solution is installed on a server and configured by the client. Direct logging is sent to the security management console. Companies will be alerted directly of any anomalies and can customize their alert settings.

We hear a lot in the news today about how important it is to make sure that critical files have not been tampered with – whether its malware, hackers, or employees/contractors - if we can be alerted the moment critical system files and sensitive data files have experienced unauthorized changes, then we’ve gone a long way in protecting the organization.