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Emergency and Incident Response Services

Secure Communications
Advanced Persistent Threat Remediation

Our team of elite on-the-ground responders, malware specialists, and forensic analysts can execute immediate actions to help contain and mitigate the effects of an assault on your computer system.

Security incidents, breaches and any related interruptions in the performance of services or applications, can result in direct financial losses, threaten organizations' reputations, erode customer loyalties, attract negative press, and trigger significant fines and penalties. They can and will happen.

These acts can lead to the exposure of data and the leaking of sensitive material, disinformation, reputational damage and loss of trust. And of course, they can hit a business's bottom line.

Real Security's Cyber Incident Response services allow organisations to not only address incidents when they do occur, but to dictate the outcome on their own terms through a framework of planning, practice, readiness and recovery.