• Service Availability Monitoring

    In a competitive business landscape where 24*7 operations is mandatory, high availability of network and services has become a critical factor of concern for enterprises of all sizes. […]
  • Passive Network Monitoring

    While passive scanning will never replace active scanning for its depth of information, it is nevertheless a powerful tool […]
  • Continuous Vulnerability Monitoring

    Attackers don't take breaks. Continuous monitoring ensures that your security program doesn't either. […]
  • Web Application Monitoring

    Real Security offers complete monitoring of websites, web applications, web transactions, and web services – including availability, URL monitoring, HTTP status, content monitoring, hijack detection, and more. […]
  • Netflow Analysis

    Utilising NetFlow from existing network devices, […]
  • Full Packet Capture

    Real Security analyses and manages overall network traffic and performance through full packet capture […]
  • Network and Host IDS

    An intrusion detection system (IDS) inspects all inbound and outbound network activity and identifies suspicious patterns that may indicate […]
  • File Integrity Monitoring

    Monitoring your files and systems provides valuable insight into your technical environment and provides an additional layer of data security. […]