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Advanced Persistent Threat Remediation

Emergency and Incident Response Services

Remediation can’t begin until an attack is under control, and the longer attackers are in your system, the more damage they can cause.

You need remediation techniques ready to deploy proven containment techniques after an attack is detected. Real Security’s remediation services fill this need by leveraging proven techniques to quickly surround and disarm malicious code, putting your IT team back where it belongs — in control.

Once we’ve identified an active threat and incident response plans are in place, the next task is to effectively clean and secure any affected systems. Next, cutting-edge tools are deployed to contain or destroy offending code and prepare your system for recovery. You get total visibility into the process along with complete customization.

With security reports, alerts, feeds and rules made available, the best place to begin remediation efforts can be determined quickly. Information gathered can also be used to determine what threat vectors the attackers used, and how can you avoid a similar attacks in future. Defend your network how you want, when you want, and observe the process in motion. Attacks are removed or contained, giving you a clean slate.