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Cybercrime Statistics


million malware samples were captured


ransomeware attacks occur everyday


of companies have written cybersecurity policies


of large companies witnessed a cybersecurity breach or attack

Real Security - The company

Real Security is a leading Information Security Company committed to providing the best cybersecurity practices to organizations worldwide.

We provide professionals and enterprises with the intelligence, technology, training and human expertise they need to find trusted and reliable solutions to complex cybersecurity challenges.

At Real Security we believe we have numerous differentiators, though there are three main areas of our outlook and operations that clearly set us apart from providers that currently exist in the region today.

Our Mission

Providing a high degree of client confidence and assurance, value based security services, lateral security consulting approach and innovating in the cybersecurity industry are a few of our key goals. Cybersecurity is a dynamic operation and we are no different; our organization ethic is based on its ability to be elastic in nature and adapt to market needs.

Our Vision

Real Security’s vision is based on simple ethos, our primary objective is to be seen as a trusted security advisor within the information and network security field. Providing best-in-class security services to your organization.

Our Commitment

Agile and innovative, Real Security takes a comprehensive approach to helping its clients navigate the complex and ever-evolving world of threat and risk mitigation strategies, tools, policies and systems.

We achieves this by uniting the brightest minds with the most innovative technology. We have proven integrity, intelligence, and security capabilities to safeguard your company. Whatever the scope, scale, or sensitivity of your work, we’ll assess the risks you face and deliver an effective solution.