How Encryption can Help Startups

The deployment of encryption in modern businesses does not only guarantee hundred percent security but it also reduces the surface of attack.

Data protection has become the top objective for many businesses in the world today. Especially after the ransomware incident, hacked credit card databases and the Apple leak. Businesses are scratching their heads in anticipation of what could hit them next?

It is a brilliant idea from the executives to prioritize data protection over everything. Nonetheless, it is equally difficult to harmonize security processes across several systems and devices. Even the most cautious and watchful business owners can leave out data unprotected.

Encryption is highly regarded as one of the best-sought solutions for this problem. The deployment of encryption in computers, cloud systems, mobile phones and other business avenues does not only guarantee hundred percent security but it also substantially eliminates the potential of being attacked and incurring financial loss.

Ransomware: How to defend yourself against it

Here’s 4 tips on protecting yourself against ransom ware;

  1. Always try and keep your Windows or Operating System up to date
  2. Remember to do backups on a regular basis. We advise you look at moving you data to cloud drive(Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft One Drive) or cloud backup solutions.
  3. Don’t open attachments on emails for unknown sources, don’t click browser links to unknown websites and don’t play games from unknown sources.
  4. And lastly to invest in a security specialist to do some Vulnerability scanning to point out on potential risks.